Episode 9: QA Role in Requirements and Analysis with Natalia Petrovskaia

In this episode, Chris Harbert interviews Natalia Petrovskaia, a QA engineering manager at Customer Times, about her journey into software testing and her transition into test management. Natalia shares her experience of finding fulfillment in influencing software quality and business decisions as a tester. She also discusses the importance of work-life balance and the need for rest even when you love your work. Natalia provides insights into becoming a test lead and emphasizes the value of being proactive and showing interest in the success of the project. The conversation also covers the trend of developers being involved in testing and the challenges of combining test automation with complex business solutions. Natalia shares her approach to testing complex systems with unknown requirements and the concept of shift left testing. The episode concludes with a discussion on involving testers in story grooming and the ideal team structure for successful software development projects.

Developers Who Test Podcast Episode 9 Natalia Petrovskaia

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